Our brand new podcast series is your backstage pass to the realm of Revenue Planning & Analytics, where we chat with finance leaders about all things revenue-related.

Get ready to unlearn, learn & rethink everything about the revenue side of things!

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Ep 4. Cleaner Data, Better Decisions: The Impact of Data Cleaning in SaaS

In this insightful episode of “Revenue Pulse”, we dive deep into the critical role of data cleaning in the SaaS industry.
Craig Giannantonio (CFO, UpClear & an advisor to multiple companies) joins us as we dive deeper into how clean, accurate data can significantly enhance decision-making processes for SaaS businesses.
He also share his experiences dealing with Data Cleanliness challenges at companies he has been a part of, and some of the best-practices he has seen in his career.

Ep 3. Finance at Startups: A Changing Landscape | Shobhan Agarwal

Shobhan, currently VP of Finance at Routable, previously worked at PayPal and Dropbox. He shared his insights on the impact of market conditions on startups and tracking ARR for usage-based companies. The conversation highlighted finance's growing role in driving sustainable growth and aligning stakeholders.
He also opined that data management and financial operations efficiency will be crucial for organizations in the coming years as capital becomes scarce and close metric monitoring is needed.

Ep 2. Bridging the gaps between GTM & Finance Teams

Join us as we speak to Hasib Omarzi (Ex- Head of Finance, Outreach) and Nabeel Ebeid (Ex- VP of GTM Ops at Active Campaign) as they discuss aligning GTM & Finance functions, defining KPIs, overcoming communication challenges, and practical collaboration methods on reporting & forecasting.

Ep 1. Understanding & Adapting: The Evolution of SaaS Revenue Models

In our debut episode, Rakib Azad, CFO at Alkira, and David Woolliscroft, CEO & Founder at Exit Point Partners, explore the evolution of SaaS revenue models, from basic subscriptions to complex usage-based and transaction-sharing models, and the best-practices for revenue recognition, reporting & forecasting.