We're introducing the first B2B Customer Metadata Management tool for
FP&A and Finance teams

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Uncover Revenue Insights,
Deliver Predictable Growth

Revenue Reporting & Forecasting tool for businesses with
complex Revenue models

trusted by the best

Built for the modern, collaborative CFO's office

Team-up seamlessly with stakeholders to Report, Analyse & Forecast your Revenue


Real-time Revenue Tracking
for faster insights

Track your customer wise Revenue journey, from Contracted to Billed to Realised and fix gaps that cause variances

Real-time forecast vs. actual reports to monitor the accuracy of your projections

Get granular insights with Cohort Analysis by breaking down revenue by dimensions like geographies, products, etc

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Get rid of the Data Cleaning Nightmare

Automate all data consolidation sitting across disparate systems, reducing chances of human errors

Extract data directly from contracts/order forms/proposals and create an accurate customer master data

Clean data historically and also onongoing basis without having rev ops/finance people check it everytime

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Plan & Forecast for Multiple revenue scenarios

Simulate what-if scenarios to analyse the impact of changes on future Revenue metrics

Revenue Modelling with custom-built templates for different revenue models like Subscriptions, Transactional, Licensing, Usage-based, etc.

Intelligent Forecasting utilising proprietary   algorithms and models for unmatched accuracy

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Largest library of integrations

Seamlessly connect your tech-stack with our ready-to-setup integrations, like Netsuite, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Zoho Books, HubSpot, and many more

Custom-built integrations into your internal systems so that you never miss capturing your usage data

Enhanced customisability and flexibility options so that the tool adapts to your business logic, and not the other way around

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We've helped customers transform their Revenue tracking!

Read on to know how our customers achieved their revenue goals through data-backed decision-making

"We found that Mantys not only met all of our base criteria, but exceeded our expectations in integrations, creating what-if scenarios and giving us a real-time view of our revenue."

Founder, Scrut Automation

"Mantys helped us automate revenue reporting and gave powerful planning capabilities. The time our FP&A team has to spend to prepare things is essentially eradicated and it allows us to really add more value to the business and focus on analyzing numbers."

CFO, Moengage


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got the answers for your questions

What differentiates Mantys from other Reporting or Planning tools?

Mantys is focussed on revenue side and brings extensive expertise in Revenue reporting and forecasting. A lot of existing planning tools are either focussed on the cost side or are not flexible enough to handle the complexities of revenue like different kind of contracts, hybrid pricing models, etc.

My business model is very unique. Will you be able to cater to me?

That’s our speciality. We understand that revenue is complex. Businesses these days have different revenue streams & billing models, causing extensive complexities. We serve such businesses, we serve the ones who dare to create their own business model, who are unique and take pride in their uniqueness.

Is my data safe with Mantys?

Yes, we are ISO 27001 and Soc 2 Type 2 certified

growth made simple

Planning Beyond Tech

We see Planning & Analysis a bit differently. The three pillars that differentiate our approach are;


Mantys operates on a Managed services model for Implementation & on-going support. We understand your systems & logics first, and bring our best-practices to work.

Customisable, Scalable

Our platform is built out on design principles of Flexibility & Customisability. We don't put you into buckets, because every SaaS business has nuances that need a bespoken approach.

&  Benchmarks

Having crafted success stories with customers at different stages, we've distilled best practices and benchmarks, empowering our customers to plan and forecast with confidence.


Data Preparation   - 80% 20%
Financial Insights  - 20% 80%