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Empower finance teams to become strategic thinkers, and grow more predictably

Get data you can trust

Harness accuracy and insights with a single source of truth while reducing errors

Experience the power of automated data cleansing and transformation, reducing manual efforts by a staggering 80%

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No more blind future choices

Get real-time actionable insights to make
informed decisions and simulate future scenarios

Largest library of benchmarks and templates for you to get started with. Conduct root cause analysis to uncover the underlying factors influencing your financial deviations

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Do it your way

Tailor-made solutions to customise your metrics and models end-to-end

Experience unparalleled customization and flexibility with intuitive interfaces and flexible configurations, putting you in control of your financial insights

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Infra teams endorse us too

Unlock seamless integration with any source for unmatched flexibility

Say goodbye to tedious setup processes and hello to seamlessly connecting your financial ecosystem with our ready-to-setup integrations, like Salesforce, QuickBooks, Zoho Books, HubSpot, and many more

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CFO, MoEngage

"Mantys helped us automate reporting and gave powerful planning capabilities. The time our FP&A team has to spend to prepare things is essentially eradicated and it allows us to really add more value to the business and focus on analyzing numbers."


Founder, Scrut Automation

"We found that Mantys not only met all of our base criteria, but exceeded our expectations in integrations, creating what-if scenarios and giving us a real-time view of our business."

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Why should I use Mantys?

Mantys saves atleast 4-5 days/month for the finance team, empowering them to focus on more strategic decision making and cuts their data preparation time by 70%. Mantys enables companies to take faster and more accurate decisions and helps them establish a single source of truth.

Is my data safe with Mantys?

Yes, we are ISO 27001 and Soc 2 Type 2 certified

My business model is very unique. Will you be able to cater to me?

That’s our speciality. We understand SaaS is not just SaaS. Every customer has SaaS plus service or SaaS plus usage based or some nuance very unique to their business. We serve such businesses, we serve the ones who dare to create their own business model, who are unique and take pride in their uniqueness.


Data Preparation - 80% 20%

Financial Insights  - 20% 80%

Mantys aims at empowering companies who dare to build unique SaaS and usage-based business models. Liberate finance teams from manual work and lead strategic decision making with data-driven insights.

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Unlock the potential of your data to transform how you make decisions and be included in 0.1% of companies.

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