Unlocking Revenue Growth,
Now for Healthcare

Healthcare Revenue cycles are uniquely complicated.
We built Mantys RCM for modern practices like yours,
to break through every barrier between your practice and the money owed to you.

With Mantys, revenue comes easier! 

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Mantys takes your most unstructured data from faxes, hand-written notes, prescriptions, etc. &, converts them into structured data.
We then send that data back to your systems like EHRs, Medical Billing softwares, Practice Management Systems and many more.

Mantys helps practices save costs, and gives back time so that it gets spent where it matters the most -
On Saving Patients

Capture every dollar you've earned

Maximize & capture every dollar you've earned, with our AI-driven automation and intelligence products. Right from pre-authorizations to collections & reporting, we elevate every step of your revenue cycle management (RCM) process.

Own your growth

Overwhelming your in-house team can blow a hole in your cash flow. Outsourcing means giving away control & lesser visibility.
With our suite of AI-driven products for every step of the Revenue cycle, take control back in your hands.

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Designed to work through every level of your organization. Tailored Insights delivered in a suite of reports for every stakeholder, from executives to analysts. Custom-built Real-time Dashboards for metrics you care the most about.

We work within your system

We’re experts in integrating with all leading practice management systems,
including, but not limited to those listed below.
There’s no migration, and we hit the ground running.

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